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Ile de France on a winning streak having won the New Zealand Agricultural Show's prestigious "Mint Lamb" competition.
In Christchurch on Wednesday, James's Ile de France x Merino was the "Overall winner" as well as the winner of the "Yield and hook" section of the "New Zealand Agricultural Show's" very highly regarded "Mint Lamb" competition.

We are absolutely delighted to add this prestigious award to our achievements for 2018.

Ile De France Lambs: Winners at the Amberley Show 2019.

Winners of the "Hoof to Hotplate" - James Thomson's Ile de France lamb was awarded first place, while Jean and Robert Forrester's Ile de France lamb received third place.
We were thrilled to win the hotly contested "Hoof to Hotplate" competition this year with our August born, Omihi Hill ram lamb, as we appreciate this is no mean feat given the excellent sheep and farming operators also in the running.

We hope our win will encourage farmers to have a closer look at the Ile de France sheep breed.

Ile de France sheep are relatively new to New Zealand but are a very well regarded breed internationally and we see great potential as a fast growing, meaty breed with a finer wool micron.

France and Ireland Reconnaisance Report.

A visit to our Ile de France colleagues in France and Ireland during the beautiful month of May was very informative and interesting.
During the month of May we traveled to France, then Ireland to meet some of our colleagues in the sheep industry with a shared interest in the Ile de France breed.
We were fortunate to meet a number of very knowledgeable industry players who looked after us very well by giving their time to show us around, facilitate farm, training and research facility visits and generally ensuring our trip was both enjoyable and informative.
Despite our gracious French hosts being willing and able to communicate with us in English, we both agree that it would be respectful for us to get stuck into the French lessons before our next visit...

Crutching Sheep.

Boss dances over the sheep to help move them up as they wait to be divested of their daggs.
Reminiscent of Murray Ball's Dog on Footrot Flats, Our Boss Dog enjoys a big day "Dancing with the sheep."

Beetle Alert...

An attractive, unfamiliar beetle in the lucerne paddock.
James was walking through the lucerne paddock this week and happened upon an unknown critter. Is anyone able to enlighten us as to its identity?

The changing of the rams!

Easter Sunday saw the rams being changed between the flocks at Island farm and those in Omihi.
In the true tradition of farming, James and cousin Victoria from Northumberland were up early on Easter Sunday morning gathering in the stud rams for "The changing of the rams!"
Mac was determined to hitch a ride on the motorbike and somehow managed to hang on despite the odds.
Jean drove down to Island farm early in the morning with rams in tow and drove home to Omihi later in the morning with a different set of rams.
The mid tupping changing of the guard between the flocks at Island Farm and Omihi went without issue and everyone made it to Sunday lunch in good time.

SOLD OUT of two tooth rams for 2017/ 2018.

Thanks to all our ram buyers this year and apologies to those who missed out.
We are on track for a greater number of good quality Ile de France two tooth rams in the coming season so we're hoping to be able to maintain steady growth in numbers to accommodate our expanding buyer list.

See you at the Amberley Show 28/10/2017.

We have a spot in the vet's tent and are looking forward to a fun day at the Amberley Show. As the new kids on the block, we're keen to introduce Ile de France sheep to as many people as possible so please pop in for a chat and meet our team, if you haven't already.
Photo of Brucellosis testing on Island Farm this week.


Top performer on the last NZ Central Progeny Test for growth by 33% on the Maternal index.