Month: April 2018

Crutching Sheep.

Boss dances over the sheep to help move them up as they wait to be divested of their daggs. Reminiscent of Murray Ball’s Dog on Footrot Flats, Our Boss Dog enjoys a big day “Dancing with the sheep.”

Beetle Alert…

An attractive, unfamiliar beetle in the lucerne paddock. James was walking through the lucerne paddock this week and happened upon an unknown critter. Is anyone able to enlighten us as to its identity?

The changing of the rams!

Easter Sunday saw the rams being changed between the flocks at Island farm and those in Omihi.In the true tradition of farming, James and cousin Victoria from Northumberland were up early on Easter Sunday morning gathering in the stud rams for “The changing of the rams!”Mac was determined to hitch a ride on the motorbike …

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