A Big Thank you To All.

James, Jean and Robert would like to thank those of you who attended our open days.
We hope you enjoyed your afternoon, as we enjoyed being able to show you our Ile de France sheep.
If anyone missed out and would like to have a look, please contact us privately and we will happily oblige.

Looking Forward to seeing you today at 1529 Omihi Road for food and fun.

Please join us at Jean and Robert’s this afternoon for a look at NZ’s exiting new sheep breed.
This breed is a breed to future proof against drought on the sizzling East coast!
Watch the lambs grow, despite sizzling drought.
Be bold.
Try something new.
You won’t be disappointed.
Meet Murray Rohliff, the Ile de France guru who Brought imported and established the breed in NZ.
Have a cuppa and a piece of cake or a glass of wine or beer.
Taste our Ile de France meat, sizzled for you today.

Order Form now online.

Our online order form is ready when you are to order your Ile de France Rams.Feel free to submit your details online, or download the printable version and get it to us by any means. Tomorrow is the big day! Open Stud Day tomorrow, 6th October, at Island Farm, 1 Shipley’s Road, Harewood, Christchurch.Drop in …

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Countdown to Open Days…

4 days to go until the Open Day at Island Farm and 5 until the open day at Jean and Robert’s.
We’re looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to the Ile de France sheep breed and our new venture.


In light of Peta’s recent campaign, Ile De France NZ would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the honourable sheep.Thanks, Be to the honourable sheep for 1000’s of years of service to humanity and the planet.Sheep provide meat and fibre and are unsurpassable in environmental sustainability.So much classier to wear sheep’s wool …

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Ile De France Sheep Stud Open Days.

The Open Days will now be held as follows… ISLAND FARM: 1 Shipley’s Road, Harewood, Christchurch.Friday, 6th October, 207.1-4pm DRYNIEVALE: Main North Road, Omihi.Saturday, 7th October, 2017.1-4pm

Ile de France NZ ownership change

We are pleased to announce the ownership of Ile de France NZ and its satellite flock,
Raggedy Range Ile de France, has changed to Robert and Jean Forrester in partnership with
James and Lisa Thomson both located in North Canterbury